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Fifteen minutes later I was with her at the door. Never seen her before, and in fact few knew about it too. I called to the door, I heard the answer, "Bim-Bom". I was a bit surprised, people generally assume that howling bells and roosters (very stupid), or reproduce any hits from a previous era, and it was just classic Bimmmmm-bommmmm in a very low tone. She opened the door for me, "Good morning ...." - at this very moment my innocence voice broke, the door was low, middle-aged blonde, very elegant, neat - a real lady. Dressed in a white silk shirt with a large neck, which could be seen in elegant black lace bodysuit, black leather skirt and black stockings, compared with me was short and still stood in sharp black heels. She invited me inside. She asked me to oneself comfortable in the living room, meanwhile drifted away toward the models porn network, walked her go, watching her movements through the skin and you could see her smooth rounded buttocks and hip movement which shook the incredibly moving. "Well, we met" - I thought. She came back after a while with a glass of water.

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